How Important is Getting A Vet Check!!! ???

, How Important is Getting A Vet Check!!! ???, Thoroughbred Horses for Sale and Online Bidding | By A Trojan Bloodstock

Buying Racehorses Is All About Peace of Mind & Being Happy With Your New Purchase 🙂

So It’s Extremely Vital To Get A Vet Check Before You Purchase Any Horses

1/ You Can’t Get Insurance Without Getting A Vet Check

2/ 25% to 50% of Horses Fail To Some Degree Whilst Getting A Vet Check

3/ Like Buying A Car It’s Peace of Mind In Knowing You Get Them Checked Over By A Mechanic Before Buying One, So It’s Even More Important To Get A Vet Check On A Racehorse Before Purchasing One Because Lets Face It, As They Are Not Machines & Are Only Animals Where They Can Hurt Themselves Daily So It’s A Huge Risk In Not Getting A Vet Check

4/ At “A Trojan Bloodstock” We Always Recommend Vet Checks So That The Buyers Have Total Peace of Mind & The Reassurance of Knowing What They Are Buying & At “A Trojan Bloodstock” We Pride Ourselves In Selling Winners!!! & Not Selling Duds That Don’t Even Make It To The Races or Only Last A Couple of Runs

5/ With Most Auctions They Say You Can Vet Their Horses During Their Auctions, Though You Don’t Even Know If You Will Be The Highest Bidder Whilst Bidding On Them & Therefore Could Cost You Many Vet Check Amounts Without Even Purchasing A Racehorse, So It’s All for The Sellers & Not The Buyers Because Most Buyers Don’t Even Bother To Get Vet Checks Because of This Reason & Then Most Buyers Get Hurt or Stung Because There Is Something Wrong With Their Purchase

Inc Bowed Tendons or Tendon Damage

Joint Swelling or General Swellings

Bad Temperaments

Soreness Issues

No Feet Left Hardly for Shoeing Them & Then Not Being Able To Race Straight Away


Heart Arrhythmia


Box Walkers

Biters & Kickers

Back Soreness

Large Joints

Big Scars

Active Splints

Bone Chips

Any Previous Surgery’s Inc Bone Chip Removals, Wind Ops, Colic Ops, Eye Ops or Any Ops

Previous Colic Surgery

Past or Present Health Conditions

Muscle Damage

Respiratory Problems

String Halt

Weavers etc etc etc

As The List Goes On & On & On, So Why Wouldn’t A Buyer Want To Know of Any of These Issues By Getting A Vet Check ???

6/ Not Everyone Is Honest, So They Won’t Always Disclose These Things To Anyone, So It’s Therefore Up To The Buyers To Get Good Vet Checks To Find Out for Themselves

7/ Even The Staff or Trainers or Jockeys or Owners you Ring Around Getting Inside Information off, Won’t Guarantee A Horses Soundness & Even They Say To Get Vet Checks for Peace of Mind Because No One Has X-Ray Vision To See Inside A Horse

8/ None of These People Who Give You Your Inside Information or Tell You About The Horse & Tell You The Horse Is Sound, Will Put It In Writing & Guarantee It & Pay for The Horse & All Costs inc Transport If The Horse Arrives To You Unsound, So Why Would Anyone Take Their Word for It & Where You Think They Are Sound Horses Going On Their Unguaranteed Words “Not Very Wise”

9/ I Always Say to Anyone That Tells Me The Horse Is Sound & Your Wasting Your Time & Money By Vetting Them “Well Hey That’s Great News As At Least I Now Know That The Horse Has A Very Good Chance of Passing A Vet Check” 🙂

10/ Racehorses Should Be Like A Car Where It’s Mandatory That Sellers Produce Sound Passing Vet Certificates Before They Are Allowed To Sell Them, Though It’s Not & So The Buyers Have To Take Control of Their Own Destinations & Get A Good Vet Check Done Themselves Before Paying Anything To The Sellers Otherwise Unfortunately They Are At Their Own Peril

11/ Lets Face It Paying At Least A Minimum of $300 To $500 for A Vet Check, Can Save You So Much Money In The Long Run It’s Not Funny, As Most People Who Get An Unsound Horse Will Then Spend Thousands In Vet Checks Trying To Show The Sellers That They Sold Them A Dud & Now They Want Their Money Back or At Least A Discount, Though In Most Cases The Buyers Get Nothing Back Because They Had The Option In The First Place Before Purchasing The Horse In Getting A Vet Check Then. But Chose Not To Because Joe Blow Told Them The Horse Was Sound

12/ Even A Thousand Dollar Purchase Can Cost You $5000 Before You Know It, If They Are Unsound, So It’s Well Worth Getting Vet Checks No matter How Much The Horse Costs

13/ Most Vet Checks Don’t Cover Everything & So It’s Also Well Worth Remembering When Someone Tells You The Horse Is Sound That This Word Means Everything, So If You Want To Cover Everything Then You Need To Do An Extensive Vetting On The Horse Like The Overseas Buyers Do Inc Many X-Rays & Galloping The Horse Down The Straight Before Scoping Them & Checking Their Hearts As Well Because There Has Been So Many Heart Arrhythmia Cases of Late That It’s Ridiculous & A Normal Resting Heart Rate Vet Check Will Not Pick This Issue, So Really You Need To Spend Around $2000 To Get A Proper Vet Check & Most People Don’t Go To This Length or Requirement To Know If The Horse They Are Purchasing Is Completely Sound or Not

14/ Most People Don’t Insure Their Horses Either Because of The Extra Expense In Doing So, Though Most Horses Get Injured In Transit Traveling from Stable To Stable & Most Horses Get Colic from Traveling Long Distances As Well With A Change In Food & Environment On The Transport Trucks, So It Is Well Worth Getting Your Horse Insured & Therefore To Get Them Insured You Must Do A Vet Check Showing The Insurance Company That The Horse Is Sound, So When You Next Time Purchase A Racehorse This Is Something You Must Consider Beforehand Because The Risk Is Enormous Otherwise

15/ & Guess Where The Horses Go That “A Trojan Bloodstock” Fail In Their Vet Checks “Mostly They Get Put Straight Through One of The Auction Houses & Some Unfortunate Person Pays Similar Money For Them As If The Horse Was Sound Because They Didn’t Get A Vet Check”, So Also Remember This As Well Before Not Getting A Vet Check

16/ I Laugh When These Auction Houses Say In There Spiels About The Horse How They Are Sound & Yet There Hasn’t Even Been A Vet Check Performed, So With All The Points I Mentioned Before, How Can Someone Honestly Say A Horse Is Sound Without Doing A Vet Check

17/ Sometimes The Sellers Get Vet Checks Performed On Their Horses Before They Place These Horses Through The Auctions As Well But How Can You Honestly Believe A Vet Check That Hasn’t Had The Full Vet Check Done On Them With Not Covering Everything Inc Galloping Them Down The Straight Before Performing The Vetting Because This Is The Only True Way of Truly Performing A Vet Check That Will Cover Most Unsound Issues & That Will Give The Buyer Peace of Mind Knowing They Are Purchasing A Sound Racehorse That Will Race for Them & Have Every Chance In Winning for Them As Well

18/ At “A Trojan Bloodstock” We Fully Recommend Vet Checks & Even With Our Online Bidding Section We Allow The Buyers To Vet Check The Horses After The Final Bid Has Been Accepted, So To Be Fair On Both Sides of The Fence, This Is The Only Honest Way of The Future Ahead Moving Forward & If A Seller or Auction House Do Not Allow This To Fairly Happen, Then You Know That You Have A 50/50 Chance of Buying An Unsound Horse & At “A Trojan Bloodstock” You Know You Have The Secure Peace of Mind In Knowing That You Can Perform A Vetting In All Aspects of Us Selling You A Horse & Also Knowing The Fact That You Can Insure The Horse As Well Before Traveling To Your Stable

19/ Ok Lets Face It As Most Horses Have Some Issues, Though Depending On The Issue & As Long As They Are Manageable Issues, Then The Buyers Can Then Negotiate With The Sellers On A Price That Suits Both Parties But If You Buy A Horse Without Getting A Vet Check Then There Will Be No Negotiations & No Comebacks Either On The Seller Because It Becomes A Buyer Beware Situation Where The Buyer Had The Option In Getting A Vet Check Before They Paid The Money for The Horse & Yet They Simply Chose To Not Get One for Whatever Reasons

20/ Clarry Conners A Well Known Racehorse Trainer In Sydney Told Me A Joke Once That Him & Maree His Wife Flew To Las Vegas On A Holiday & Once They Got There They Decided That They Would Take A Helicopter Ride Over The Grand Canyon & Whilst Flying Over It The Helipcopter Pilot Spotted A Horse Running Around Below On The Canyon Floor & Said Over His Loud Speaker “If You Take A Look Below There Is A Wild Horse Running Around” & Then Clarry Replied “How Do You Know It’s Wild” Haha So It’s The Same With Racehorses “How Do You Know They Are Sound” Without Getting A Vet Check

21/ For Example: I Had A Racehorse Once That My Buyer Vetted & It passed Everything With Flying Colours & Then My Buyer Decided That He Might Just Get The Horse X-Rayed Both Front Knees & Fetlocks & Then The Vet Discovered Quite Large Chips In One Fetlock & Small Chips In One Knee, So Then We Found Out That The Seller Got The Horse Injected With Bute To Disguise Any Pain On Flexion Tests, So It’s Important To Not Only Get X-Rays But Also To Get Bloodtests Done To See If There Is Any Bute In Their System That Disguises Any Pain The Horse May Be Suffering Because they Might have A Sore back or Other Soreness issues That Have Been Disguised As Well

22/ Another Example: I Had Another Racehorse Vetted for One of My Buyers That Had Been Spelling for 2 Weeks After It’s Last Race & The Horse Passed All X-Rays & Scope & Every Other Aspect of The Vet Check As Well, So The Buyer Obviously Thought The Horse Was 100% Sound & Then Bought The Horse for 25k & Then After He Quickly Got The Horse Prepared To Race Again & Then Entered Him In A Race, The Horse Got Beaten Over 50 Lengths Last & The Stewards of Course Vetted Him Straight After The Race & Found That He Had Heart Arrhythmia & Had To Then Pass An ECG Test Before Having To Trial In Front of The Stewards With A Further Heart Arrhythmia Tests To Be Performed Again To Be Able To Race Again “Though The Horse Could Never Pass Another 3 ECG Attempts After That To Even Trial In Front of The Stewards Anyway & Had To Be Therefore Retired Immediately from Racing & My Buyer Not Only Lost His 25k But Also Lost A Further 10k In Training Fees & Very Costly Vet Check ECG Tests” So Here’s Another Situation Where The Horse Was Out Spelling & Therefore Couldn’t Be Galloped Down The Straight In The Initial Vet Check So That The Vet Could Perform A Simple Heart Rate Check After A Gallop “So How Vital These Days Is It To Gallop A Racehorse Before Doing A Vet Check As Well” Extremely & Obviously The Horse had This issue Before My Buyer Bought Him Because The Horse Only Had 2 Weeks off & Still Had His Residual Fitness To Race On Straight Away After A Couple of Weeks Training “So Be Careful of Buying Horses That Have Been Tipped Out for A Spell & Therefore It’s Much Safer for A Buyer To Buy A Horse That is Still Up & Racing & Residing In Their Racing Stables Where The Vet Can Still Perform A Vet Check Including A Gallop Down The Straight

23/ At The End of The Day “A Trojan Bloodstock” Cares About Their Buyers Purchasing A Sound Racehorse So That They Can At Least Have A Good Chance In Winning Races 🙂

24/ “A Trojan Bloodstock” Also Care About Their Sellers As Well Because If They Sell A Good Sound Racehorse To One of Our Buyers, Then Our Buyers Will Trust Them In Buying More Horses Off Them In The Future Ahead, So It’s A Good Thing All Round Moving Forward In Building Up Positive & Honest Relationships 🙂

25/ So Remember Next Time When Someone Asks You “How Important Is It To Get A Vet Check” Then Please Read Everything That I’ve Just Mentioned Above 🙂




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