Brisbane Provincial & NSW Provincial Country Maiden Sprinter Miler!!! Very Versatile!!!



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What A Dazzla!!!

“All Photos Taken at Her Last Start At Murwillumbah 21st of June 2022”

Healthy Athlete!!! Strong & Solid Type of Well Built 5yo Bay Mare 15.2 – 15.3 Hands. 22 Starts 0-2-4 & 15 Top 6 Finishes!!! 27k Prize Money!!!

Very Consistent Maiden Sprinter Miler!!!

Is Never far Away In Very Strong Brisbane Provincial Company Inc 2 Starts Ago 5th At Ipswich Metro Meeting Over 1350m, So Just Needs It A Tad Weaker To Win Her Fair Share of Races 🙂

Has Had 15 Top 6 Finishes At All The Provincial Tracks In Brisbane & Northern NSW, So Tries Her Heart Out & Can Gallop Having Nice Natural Ability 🙂

Trainers Comments: Lovely Horse Who after her run at Ipswich 2 starts ago, I thought would just win at Murwillumbah last start though all the winners came down the outside rail on a wet track & didn’t suit her one bit 🙂 She Trains the House down so she can gallop good & will win races further up North or out West as I thought she would of won one by now, but it’s just got too tough around Brisbane now with all the Shuttle Stables coming up from down South

Nice Horse At A Very Nice Price!!!…

Pedigree Report

Horse Form

4th of 13 BDLE 04Oct20 1000m Good4 MDN-SW $23,000 ($1,035) Chris Symons 57.5kg Barrier 6
1st Innocent Gem 56kg, 2nd Banjo Shark 59.5kg 0:58.58 (600m 34.46), 5L, 11th@800m, 12th@400m, $19/$51/$41/$31
8th of 9 CRAN 29Oct20 1200m Good4 F&M MDN-SW $35,000 ($700) Campbell Rawiller (a) 58kg Barrier 5
1st Changing Tracks 58kg, 2nd Ain’t She Cute 55.5kg 1:12.11 (600m 36.14), 6.1L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, $7/$12/$10/$11
10th of 14 MOE 09Nov20 1200m Good4 4YUMDN-SW $23,000 ($575) Campbell Rawiller (a) 56.5kg Barrier 6
1st Crowned Monarch 56.5kg, 2nd Gutsy 58.5kg 1:12.73 (600m 36.43), 7.5L, 14th@800m, 14th@400m, $61/$71/$81
3rd of 7 GEEL 23Nov20 1347m Heavy8 4UP MDN-SW $23,000 ($1,840) Will Gordon 56.5kg Barrier 1
1st Jimenez 58.5kg, 2nd Hello Sunshine (NZ) 56.5kg 1:22.41 (600m 37.58), 5.75L, 5th@800m, 6th@400m, $41/$51/$41/$51
Training information change: Logan McGill to John D Wilson
2nd of 11 LISM 17Jan21 1210m Soft5 F&M MDN $22,000 ($3,900) Ben Looker 57kg Barrier 11
1st Stormiaire 58.5kg, 3rd Time To Target 58.5kg 1:11.85 (600m 35.55), 0.11L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, $12/$11/$14/$15
4th of 11 MWBH 31Jan21 1200m Heavy9 F&M MDN $22,000 ($1,100) Andrew Mallyon 57.5kg Barrier 2
1st Lamarche 57.5kg, 2nd Sienna’s Award 57kg 1:11.95 (600m 36.99), 7.79L, 8th@800m, 8th@400m, $5/$4.20/$4/$3.90
4th of 10 IPSW 17Feb21 1200m Soft5 MDN-SW $25,000 ($1,100) Robbie Fradd 55.5kg Barrier 6
1st Mount Padrao 57.5kg, 2nd Think Glory 54.5kg 1:11.75 (600m 35.82), 1L, 8th@800m, 8th@400m, $6.50/$7.50/$6/$5.50
3rd of 12 IPSW 04Mar21 1350m Good4 MDN-SW $25,000 ($2,400) Robbie Fradd 55.5kg Barrier 3
1st Purple Diamond 54.5kg, 2nd Bailey Boo 56.5kg 1:21.40 (600m 36.70), 1L, 9th@800m, 11th@400m, $2.70/$3/$2.60/$2.70
6th of 9 TWBA 20Mar21 1640m Good4 MDN $20,000 ($400) Josh Adams 59kg Barrier 5
1st Enjoy The Show 56kg, 2nd Madame Grace 54kg 1:43.67 (600m 38.15), 5.5L, 6th@800m, 4th@400m, $1.65/$1.85/$1.90/$1.85
2nd of 11 GCST 10Apr21 1400m Heavy10 MDN-SW $25,000 ($4,200) Josh Adams 55.5kg Barrier 9
1st Profiterole 54.5kg, 3rd Kermakaya 56.5kg 1:28.33 (600m 37.69), 4L, 11th@800m, 8th@400m, $12/$18/$19/$21
Training information change: John D Wilson to Marcus Wilson
T 1st of 6 GCST 20Jul21 1000m Good4 MDN-TRL $000 Mark Du Plessis 0kg Barrier 6
2nd Zoumanji 0kg, 3rd Goldest 0kg 1:01.56, 0.5L
T 4th of 6 BDST 02Aug21 1050m Good4 OPN-TRL $000 Mark Du Plessis 0kg Barrier 1
1st Royal Witness 0kg, 2nd Reus 0kg 1:05.48 (600m 35.69), 4L
7th of 13 IPSW 13Aug21 1350m Good4 MDN $25,000 ($500) Mark Du Plessis 56.5kg Barrier 10
1st Scottish Prince 54kg, 2nd Priti Piper 55kg 1:21.60 (600m 36.55), 3.3L, 11th@800m, 11th@400m, $8/$8.50/$9/$9.50
9th of 12 IPSW 15Sep21 1200m Good4 MDN $27,000 ($500) Kyle Wilson-Taylor (a) 56kg Barrier 10
1st Ascot Express (NZ) 58kg, 2nd Bi Turbo 59kg 1:10.24 (600m 34.74), 5.2L, 12th@800m, 12th@400m, $18/$21/$26/$31
6th of 13 GCST 25Sep21 1400m Good3 MDN $24,000 ($470) Jag Guthmann-Chester 55.5kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 3
1st Miss Hustle 54kg, 2nd Lipeansass 57.5kg 1:23.46 (600m 36.33), 3.45L, 8th@800m, 6th@400m, $5.50/$4.80/$4.60/$4.40
3rd of 8 MWBH 11Oct21 1550m Good3 MDN $24,000 ($2,300) Luke Rolls 57.5kg Barrier 4
1st Blackwater Bronn 58kg, 2nd Typhoon Talayah 56kg 1:34.94 (600m 36.90), 4.37L, 4th@800m, 5th@400m, $3.10/$4.60/$4.80/$5
3rd of 6 LISM 08Nov21 1410m Soft7 F&M MDN $24,000 ($2,300) Luke Rolls 55kg Barrier 6
1st Isla’s Day 60kg, 2nd Hardly The End 57kg 1:25.10 (600m 36.62), 5.91L, 3rd@800m, 3rd@400m, $6.50/$11/$12/$13
6th of 10 GCST 20Nov21 1800m Good4 MDN $24,000 ($470) Micheal Hellyer 55kg Barrier 4
1st Vancouver River 59kg, 2nd Collection Point 57.5kg 1:50.17 (600m 35.82), 5.85L, 3rd@800m, 3rd@400m, $26/$31
7th of 12 LISM 17Dec21 1410m Soft5 MDN $24,000 ($500) Luke Rolls 55.5kg Barrier 6
1st Puerto Rico 56kg, 2nd Wizard Of Visp 58.5kg 1:23.65 (600m 36.12), 8.34L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, $17/$20/$21/$20
T 3rd of 6 GCST 10Mar22 1000m Heavy8 MDN-TRL $000 Ms Tegan Harrison 0kg Barrier 5
1st Dodgeball (NZ) 0kg, 2nd Union Spirit 0kg 1:02.55, 0.2L
T 2nd of 7 GCST 04Apr22 1000m Soft6 MDN-TRL $000 Ms Tegan Harrison 0kg Barrier 5
1st Palace House 0kg, 3rd Big Hitter 0kg 1:01.99, 2.3L
8th of 13 GCST 09Apr22 1400m Heavy9 MDN $26,000 ($500) Luke Dittman 55kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 11
1st Emaleah 58kg, 2nd Amphawa 59kg 1:29.77 (600m 38.74), 12.4L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, $13/$14/$15
6th of 10 GCST 23Apr22 1400m Heavy8 F&M MDN $26,000 ($500) Ms Jasmine Cornish (a) 55kg (cd 53kg) Barrier 8
1st Star Seeker 55kg, 2nd Ballistic Babe 58.5kg 1:27.88 (600m 38.33), 4.8L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, $26/$21/$19
9th of 12 IPSW 02May22 1350m Soft6 MDN-SW $26,000 ($500) Ms Jasmine Cornish (a) 55.5kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 1
1st King Shalaa 57kg, 2nd Johnny Thunder 57.5kg 1:22.25 (600m 35.96), 6.9L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, $51/$61/$81
5th of 12 IPSW 29May22 1350m Heavy10 4UP MDN $26,000 ($900) Ms Tegan Harrison 54kg Barrier 10
1st Road To Emmaus 55.5kg, 2nd Noble Cat 59kg 1:25.41 (600m 38.58), 6.8L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $9.50/$10/$11/$12
6th of 7 MWBH 21Jun22 1550m Soft7 MDN $24,000 ($550) Luke Rolls 56kg Barrier 7
1st Exhibitor 58kg, 2nd Sir Bangalow 56.5kg 1:34.12, 13.72L, 7th@800m, 7th@400m, $12/$19/$20/$21


5yo Bay Mare

Foaled: 7/11/2016

By: Stryker

From: Sister Declan

Sire Info



Dam Info

Quest For fame (GB)


Additional Information:

Race Record

  • Summary: 22 Starts 0:2:4
  • Prizemoney: $27,240
  • Top 6 Finishes : 16
  • 1st Up: 3: 0-0-0
  • 2nd Up: 3: 0-0-0
  • Firm: 0: 0-0-0
  • Good: 10: 0-0-2
  • Soft: 6: 0-1-1
  • Heavy: 6: 0-1-1
  • Synthetic: 2: 0-0-0

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