Triple Red (Watch Replay) Ran A Top Class 3rd At Taree!!!

Ran A Top Class 3rd At Taree Over 1600m Today The 14th of September Race 5 Watch Replay!!!

Triple Red (Watch Replay) Ran A Top Class 3rd At Taree!!!


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Triple The Fun!!!

Impressive Athlete!!! Strong Well Balanced Type of Well Built 5yo Brown Mare 16 Hands. 27 Starts 1-1-4 & 13 Top 5 Finishes!!!

Nice NSW Provincial Country Sprinter Miler Up for Grabs!!!

Ran A Great 3rd At Taree 14th of September Over 1600m Race 5 Watch Replay!!!

Did Well In Victoria With Many Top 4 Finishes Inc 3rd At Strong Sale, 3rd At Cranbourne, 4th At Pakenham Grass, 1st At Mortlake, 2nd At Geelong Grass & from 1200m To 1600m & All On Good Tracks, So Did Really Well There Before Traveling North To NSW Where She’s Copped 7 Wet Tracks Out of 8 Starts There So far & Her Last Start Which Was Finally On A Good Track, She Copped A Whip Over Her Face In The Straight Which Stopped Her Completely In Her Tracks, So Definitely Hasn’t Had Much Luck In NSW That’s for Sure & Will No Doubt Thrive Once The Weather Stays Fine Anyway

Triple Red Will Ideally Suit Up North Qld Because She Needs The Pace Up Front In Order To Fly Home & She Certainly Proved That At Warren 5 Starts Ago In A 24k Race Over 1200m, When She Placed 3rd After Sitting Back In 9th Spot & Flew Home With A Wet Sail To Be Beaten Only 2.7 Lengths, So That’s Her Go & Then Will Go Through Her Grades 🙂

Nice Racehorse At A Very Nice Price!!!

Pedigree Report

Horse Form

9th of 9 SANL 27Mar19 1200m Good3 2YF HCP $50,000 ($1,000) Ms Stephanie Thornton (a) 58kg Barrier 3
1st Geraldine’s Jewel 58kg, 2nd Ironore Gina 58kg 1:12.96 (600m 33.97), 3.25L, [email protected], [email protected], $15/$17/$16/$17
7th of 14 SEYM 24Aug19 1200m Soft5 MDN-SW $23,000 ($575) Akatsuki Tomita (a) 54kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 13
1st Olympic Lad 58.5kg, 2nd Mount Archer 58.5kg 1:10.28 (600m 34.58), 6.45L, [email protected], [email protected], $7/$10/$11/$12
3rd of 14 SALE 08Sep19 1400m Soft5 F&M MDN-SW $35,000 ($3,150) Akatsuki Tomita (a) 55.5kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 9
1st Ocean Miss 56kg, 2nd Flag Edition (NZ) 58kg 1:26.38 (600m 36.36), 2.25L, [email protected], [email protected], $26/$19/$18/$19
8th of 11 BRAT 22Sep19 1400m Soft7 MDN-SW $35,000 ($700) Akatsuki Tomita (a) 54kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 8
1st Mach One (NZ) 56kg, 2nd Sign Seal Deliver 56kg 1:27.37 (600m 36.89), 4.85L, [email protected], [email protected], $16/$18/$9.50/$9
7th of 11 BRAT 03Mar20 1200m Good4 MDN-SW $35,000 ($700) Chris Symons 56kg Barrier 5
1st Sword of Mercy 56.5kg, 2nd Imsouane 56kg 1:11.13 (600m 33.94), 4.85L, [email protected], [email protected], $15/$16/$11/$10
4th of 11 CRAN 17Mar20 1500m Good4 3Y MDN-SW $35,000 ($1,750) Damien Thornton 56kg Barrier 11
1st Gracias Amigo 58kg, 2nd Commodus 58kg 1:32.44 (600m 36.12), 2.1L, [email protected], [email protected], $21/$20/$19
4th of 12 PAKM 27Mar20 1600m Good4 F&M MDN-SW $35,000 ($1,750) Damien Thornton 57.5kg Barrier 5
1st Sestillia 57.5kg, 2nd Great Ambition 57.5kg 1:39.27 (600m 36.04), 2.7L, [email protected], [email protected], $7.50/$6/$5.50/$5
6th of 12 PAKM 09Apr20 1400m Soft5 3YF MDN-SW $31,500 ($630) Chris Symons 57kg Barrier 7
1st Stratessa 57kg, 2nd Royelle 57kg 1:26.03 (600m 35.24), 7.6L, [email protected], [email protected], $8/$8.50/$9
9th of 11 CRAN 08May20 1400m Soft5 3Y MDN-SW $31,500 ($630) Billy Egan 56kg Barrier 11
1st Great Ambition 56kg, 2nd Drop The Mic 56.5kg 1:25.32 (600m 37.28), 4.3L, [email protected], [email protected], $19/$20/$21/$20
10th of 12 SEYM 21May20 1300m Soft7 MDN-SW $20,700 ($517) Jack Martin 57.5kg Barrier 9
1st Terrace House 59.5kg, 2nd Hillcrest Moses 59.5kg 1:18.23 (600m 35.42), 9.5L, [email protected], [email protected], $8/$16/$17/$18
Training information change: Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra to Glenn Thornton
1st of 10 MORT 01Nov20 1300m Good4 MDN-SW $15,000 ($8,250) Jack Hill 57.5kg Barrier 10
2nd Sumusu (NZ) 57.5kg, 3rd Jousting 56.5kg 1:20.79 (600m 36.44), 2.5L, [email protected], [email protected], $4.20/$6.50/$7/$6.50
2nd of 14 GEEL 15Nov20 1325m Good4 0 – 58 $22,000 ($3,740) Damien Thornton 59.5kg Barrier 6 Rtg 57
1st Murganella 62kg, 3rd Borondino Dream 62kg 1:21.48 (600m 36.28), 1.25L, [email protected], [email protected], $9.50/$10/$9.50/$9
9th of 14 HTON 01Dec20 1400m Soft5 BM58 $22,000 ($550) Damien Thornton 57.5kg Barrier 4 Rtg 57
1st Hamslette 59kg, 2nd In the Fast Lane 57.5kg 1:23.62 (600m 36.68), 8.6L, [email protected], [email protected], $5/$4.80/$6/$5.50
3rd of 13 HSHM 20Dec20 1400m Good3 0 – 58 $22,000 ($1,760) Jack Hill 59kg Barrier 3 Rtg 56
1st In the Fast Lane 60kg, 2nd Tiny Rebel 61.5kg 1:23.81 (600m 36.71), 1.7L, [email protected], [email protected], $5/$6/$6.50/$7
7th of 8 PENS 26Dec20 1284m Good4 BM58 $15,000 ($375) Ms Mikaela Lawrence (a) 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 3 Rtg 56
1st Lady Delight 58kg, 2nd Starlover 58.5kg 1:16.97 (600m 34.92), 6L, [email protected], [email protected], $4.40/$4.20/$5/$5.50
4th of 10 ARAT 14Jan21 1300m Good3 BM58 $22,000 ($990) Jack Hill 58.5kg Barrier 4 Rtg 55
1st Palacio Musico 63kg, 2nd Lovano 61.5kg 1:17.65 (600m 36.46), 3.1L, [email protected], [email protected], $10/$9.50/$10
8th of 12 PAKS 18Apr21 1200m Synthetic 0 – 58 $22,000 ($550) Jack Martin 56.5kg Barrier 3 Rtg 55
1st Bella Amore 58kg, 2nd That Song 60kg 1:11.91 (600m 35.68), 4.7L, [email protected], [email protected], $8.50/$9/$9.50/$10
8th of 10 WKBL 15May21 1200m Good4 0 – 58 $22,000 ($550) Jack Hill 56kg Barrier 1 Rtg 54
1st Ginny Ann 57.5kg, 2nd Autumn’s Best 52kg 1:11.01 (600m 34.94), 6.15L, [email protected], [email protected], $8/$9/$8/$8.50
Training information change: Glenn Thornton to Garry Lunn
11th of 12 DUBB 04Jun21 1100m Soft7 CL1 $22,000 Ms Rachael Murray 55kg Barrier 12 Rtg 50
1st Tells Tails 55kg, 2nd Girls Kick On 58.5kg 1:03.74, 11.95L, [email protected], [email protected], $21/$21
6th of 12 CBLE 20Jun21 1300m Soft6 F&M CL1 $30,000 ($800) Darryl McLellan 55kg Barrier 6 Rtg 47
1st Half Hinch 54kg, 2nd Diamonds Are Good 55kg 1:20.49, 6.97L, [email protected], [email protected], $21/$20
5th of 11 DUBB 27Jun21 1110m Soft7 CL1 $22,000 ($720) Andrew Banks 55kg Barrier 8 Rtg 47
1st Fifteen Rounds 60kg, 2nd Beau Factor 57kg 1:04.87, 5.43L, [email protected], [email protected], $101/$151/$101
3rd of 12 WRRN 06Jul21 1200m Soft7 CL2 $24,000 ($2,300) Reece Jones (a) 55kg Barrier 4 Rtg 46
1st Tells Tails 55.5kg, 2nd Blackadder 53kg 1:12.92, 2.77L, [email protected], [email protected], $21/$21
9th of 11 DUBB 16Jul21 1300m Heavy10 CL1 $24,000 ($500) Ms Kath Bell-Pitomac 55kg Barrier 2 Rtg 46
1st Texas Lil 52kg, 2nd Sparky Girl 56.5kg 1:23.69, 11.01L, [email protected], [email protected], $11/$12/$13
5th of 7 CBLE 07Aug21 1100m Soft6 CLB HCP $5,000 Mr William Stanley 64kg Barrier 2
1st Combogolong 69kg, 2nd Japingka 66kg 1:06.91, 6.97L $5.50
Training information change: Garry Lunn to Alan D Smith
10th of 11 SCNE 24Aug21 1300m Heavy8 F&M BM58 $24,000 ($500) Ms Jenny Duggan (a) 55kg Barrier 7 Rtg 43
1st Yulong Monoceros 57.5kg, 2nd Spritza Seritza 58.5kg 1:18.97 (600m 37.00), 8.74L, [email protected], [email protected], $41/$41
8th of 11 P MQ 06Sep21 1500m Good4 CL1 $24,000 ($500) Grant Buckley 55kg Barrier 3 Rtg 43
1st Auvergne 55kg, 2nd Bladnoch 57kg 1:32.73 (600m 38.69), 5.98L, [email protected], [email protected], $41/$31/$26/$31
3rd of 11 TAR 14Sep21 1600m Heavy10 CL2 $24,000 ($2,300) Grant Buckley 55kg Barrier 4 Rtg 43
1st Unwavering Faith 57.5kg, 2nd Full Coverage 58kg 1:41.99 (600m 39.12), 1.9L, [email protected], [email protected], $101/$101


5yo Brown Mare

Foaled: 23/09/2016

By: Redwood

From: Darting

Sire Info



Dam Info

Darci Brahma


Additional Information:

Race Record

  • Summary: 27-1:1:4
  • Prizemoney: $35,687
  • Min/Max-Dist-Win: 1300/1300
  • 1st Up: 5:1-0-0
  • 2nd Up: 4:0-1-1
  • Firm: 0:0-0-0
  • Good: 11:1-1-1
  • Soft: 12:0-0-2
  • Heavy: 3:0-0-1
  • Synthetic: 1:0-0-0

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