You’re Next (POA) Sold

In Form & On Pace Sydney & Brisbane Provincial Sprinter

You’re Next (POA) Sold

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Notes for Buyers

Heeza Dream!!!

Fast Athlete!!! Big Strong Type of Very Powerfully Well Put Together 6yo Chestnut Gelding 16 Hands. 20 Starts 1-5-1 & 16 Top 6 Finishes!!!

Super Dooper Fast In Form & On Pace Sydney & Brisbane Provincial Class 1 Sprinter!!!

Please Note Did Have Very Successful Tie Back Op After His Previous Prep, Though Is In Scintillating Form & Obviously Hasn’t Affected Him In Any Way 🙂

Flying Hawkesbury Maiden Winner 35k Race Over 1000m, So Boy That’s A Great Track To Indicate He Will Go Through His Grades for Sure, Though Very High Profile Syndicate Definitely Only Want City Saturday Grade Racehorses & So How Lucky is This for Anyone or Any Syndicates That Are Happy To Race On Any Provincial Tracks Right Around Australia 🙂

Certainly Makes His Own Luck Up Front & Is A Proven Performer No Doubt With Placing 2 x 2nds At His Past 2 Starts At Ipswich Over 1350m & The Gold Coast Last Start Over 1200m “Watch Replays” 🙂

Rated At A Perfect 54 In Qld, So One Things for Sure As Whoever Gets This Bloke Will Have Some Serious Fun With Him!!!…

Pedigree Report

Horse Form

T 4th of 8 RHIL 25Jun18 910m Soft7 2Y-BT $000 Adam Hyeronimus 0kg Barrier 0
1st Green Aeon 0kg, 2nd Couvre Lit 0kg 0:55.32 (600m 35.50), 3.5L
T 1st of 8 RHIL 09Jul18 903m Soft5 2YC&G-BT $000 Adam Hyeronimus 0kg Barrier 0
2nd Altair 0kg, 3rd Expellable 0kg 0:55.00 (600m 34.90), 1L
T 1st of 6 W FM 09Nov18 797m Soft6 3YCGMDN-BT $000 Robbie Dolan (a) 0kg Barrier 0
2nd A Million Dreams (NZ) 0kg, 3rd Coolgardie 0kg 0:47.16 (600m 33.80), 3.5L
2nd of 10 CANT 04Jan19 1100m Good4 3Y MDN-SW $50,000 ($8,950) James Innes Jnr 57kg Barrier 5
1st Vegadaze 57kg, 3rd Lashes 55kg 1:04.61 (600m 35.65), 0.2L, [email protected], [email protected], $3.60/$5.50/$6/$6.50
2nd of 6 CANT 18Jan19 1100m Good4 3Y MDN $50,000 ($8,950) James Innes Jnr 59kg Barrier 1
1st Bucephalus 58kg, 3rd Press Box 56.5kg 1:04.81 (600m 34.55), 0.8L, [email protected], [email protected], $3/$3.10/$2.80/$2.70
T 6th of 8 RHIL 13May19 1030m Good4 OPEN-BT $000 Lee Magorrian 0kg Barrier 0
1st I Thought So 0kg, 2nd Home Of The Brave (IRE) 0kg 1:02.41 (600m 35.00), 4.8L
4th of 6 W FM 12Jun19 1100m Soft6 2&3YCG MDNSW $50,000 ($3,400) Robbie Dolan (a) 58.5kg (cd 56.5kg) Barrier 5
1st Disruptor 56kg, 2nd Vaporizing 56kg 1:04.39 (600m 34.06), 4.3L, [email protected], [email protected], $2.50/$2.90/$3/$2.90
1st of 8 HAWK 04Jul19 1000m Soft7 3Y MDN $35,000 ($22,365) Mitchell Bell 60.5kg Barrier 3
2nd Mandalong Sera 54kg, 3rd Flag of Nations 53kg 0:58.35 (600m 33.92), 0.74L, [email protected], [email protected], $1.50/$1.60/$1.65/$1.75
4th of 10 K GR 20Jul19 1200m Good4 CL1 $35,000 ($1,980) Scott Pollard 59.5kg Barrier 1 Rtg 62
1st Superbowl Sunday 56kg, 2nd We Could Be Heroes 52kg 1:11.13 (600m 34.47), 2.1L, [email protected], [email protected], $5.50/$6/$7
6th of 13 RHIL 27Jul19 1400m Good4 3Y BM70 $125,000 ($4,000) Ms Jenny Duggan (a) 56kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 2 Rtg 62
1st Ligulate 56.5kg, 2nd Blazing 58kg 1:24.21 (600m 34.37), 3L, [email protected], [email protected], $12/$11/$10
4th of 10 NCLE 24Aug19 1400m Good4 CG&E CL2 $35,000 ($1,980) Christian Reith 57.5kg Barrier 9 Rtg 61
1st Great Danger 57.5kg, 2nd Call Me Mo 54.5kg 1:24.17 (600m 35.05), 0.29L, [email protected], [email protected], $4.20/$5.50/$6/$5.50
6th of 10 HAWK 31Aug19 1400m Soft7 BM64 $35,000 ($1,100) Jeff Penza 59.5kg Barrier 8 Rtg 61
1st We Could Be Heroes 54kg, 2nd Loveseat (NZ) 57kg 1:25.40 (600m 35.72), 3.76L, [email protected], [email protected], $3/$3/$2.90/$2.80
Training information change: Tim Martin to Kerry Parker
8th of 13 K GR 07Apr20 1200m Soft7 CL1 $35,000 ($1,000) Robbie Brewer 59kg Barrier 1 Rtg 61
1st Le Lude 58kg, 2nd Pioneer 59kg 1:10.04 (600m 35.57), 4.3L, [email protected], [email protected], $14/$19/$17/$18
2nd of 13 K GR 28Apr20 1200m Good4 CL1 $31,500 ($5,400) Robbie Brewer 59kg Barrier 8 Rtg 60
1st Criaderas 58.5kg, 3rd Ranges 58kg 1:10.00 (600m 33.94), 2.3L, [email protected], [email protected], $31/$51/$41/$51
4th of 10 K GR 07May20 1400m Good3 BM64 $31,500 ($1,785) Robbie Brewer 59.5kg Barrier 4 Rtg 61
1st Golwen 60kg, 2nd Renalot 59kg 1:23.91 (600m 34.04), 1.8L, [email protected], [email protected], $5.50/$6/$5.50
3rd of 8 GOUL 24May20 1400m Heavy9 CL1 $27,000 ($1,935) Shaun Guymer 61kg Barrier 2 Rtg 62
1st Reoffender 56.5kg, 2nd River Charge 59kg 1:26.60 (600m 37.75), 6.57L, [email protected], [email protected], $2.80/$4.20/$4.40/$4.60
6th of 7 K GR 13Jun20 1400m Heavy10 CG&E CL1 $31,500 ($990) Shaun Guymer 57.5kg Barrier 6 Rtg 58
1st Roman 55kg, 2nd Avion Fury 58kg 1:27.45 (600m 36.10), 7.3L, [email protected], [email protected], $9.50/$11/$12/$13
T 5th of 6 K GR 07Oct20 800m Good4 OPEN-BT $000 Ms Winona Costin 0kg Barrier 0
1st Bring the Ransom 0kg, 2nd Vox Pop 0kg 0:48.12 (600m 34.05), 0.9L
8th of 9 NOWR 18Oct20 1200m Good3 CL1 $22,000 ($500) Ms Winona Costin 59kg Barrier 1 Rtg 59
1st Missile Heat 59.5kg, 2nd O’mudgee (NZ) 59kg 1:08.79 (600m 34.14), 7.1L, [email protected], [email protected], $9.50/$11/$12/$11
10th of 10 WYNG 07Nov20 1350m Soft5 CL1 $35,000 ($1,000) Chad Lever 56kg Barrier 5 Rtg 54
1st Brook Hill 58kg, 2nd General Dubai 57kg 1:22.73 (600m 35.60), 5.66L, [email protected], [email protected], $9/$9.50/$9/$8
9th of 10 K GR 28Nov20 1500m Good3 CL1 $35,000 ($1,000) Jeff Penza 55kg Barrier 8 Rtg 52
1st Tongariro 54.5kg, 2nd Deadly Impact (JPN) 58.5kg 1:30.17 (600m 35.72), 9.5L, [email protected], [email protected], $13/$12/$11/$10
Training information change: Kerry Parker to David Vandyke
5th of 12 SCST 13Jul21 1200m Soft5 CG&E BM58 $25,000 ($800) Ryan Maloney 57kg Barrier 9 Rtg 54
1st Abdicating 62kg, 2nd Shinshinto 61.5kg 1:12.97 (600m 36.52), 2.5L, [email protected], [email protected], $3.80/$3.90/$2.90/$3
6th of 7 E FM 04Aug21 1300m Good4 CG&E BM62 $35,000 ($500) Micheal Hellyer 54.5kg Barrier 6 Rtg 53
1st Spokesman 59.5kg, 2nd Camp Rifle 60kg 1:19.69 (600m 37.20), 4.25L, [email protected], [email protected], $5.50/$6/$5.50
2nd of 11 IPSW 20Aug21 1350m Good4 BM60 $22,000 ($3,900) Mark Du Plessis 55kg Barrier 3 Rtg 52
1st Strictly Physical 56.5kg, 3rd Chicamo 56kg 1:21.10 (600m 35.52), 0.4L, [email protected], [email protected], $6.50/$5/$4.80/$4.60
2nd of 12 GCST 04Sep21 1200m Soft7 CG&E BM60 $25,000 ($4,200) Ryan Wiggins 55.5kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 6 Rtg 53
1st Gogol 60.5kg, 3rd Boom Ranga 57kg 1:11.72 (600m 35.68), 1.75L, [email protected], [email protected], $4.20/$4/$3.90


6YO Chestnut Gelding (AUS)

Foaled: 09/10/2015

By: Dream Ballad

From: Wild Goose

Sire Info



Dam Info



Additional Information:

Race Record

  • Summary: 20-1:5:1
  • Prizemoney: $75,735
  • Total Bonus: $5,625
  • Min/Max-Dist-Win: 1000/1000
  • 1st Up: 5:0-1-0
  • 2nd Up: 5:1-2-0
  • Firm: 0:0-0-0
  • Good: 11:0-4-0
  • Soft: 7:1-1-0
  • Heavy: 2:0-0-1
  • Synthetic: 0:0-0-0

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